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Pool Safety Inspections

DIY Pre Pool Safety Inspection Guide

At Queensland Building and Pest Reports we see a lot of pools that fail our inspection standards because of simple problems that you, the owner, could have addressed before we came out to perform your pool safety inspeciton. This can save you time and money associated with a follow up inspection because your pool failed the initial inspection. With this in mind we've compiled a checklist to help you prepare for our inspection by knowing what to look out for.

The 7 most common issues that result in a pool failing a safety inspection:

  1. Non compliant gate latches and/or hinges
  2. Distances between vertical member are greater than 100mm
  3. Distances below bottom railings are greater than 100mm
  4. Climbable objects abutting the pool enclosure (trees, air conditioning units)
  5. Fence height is below 1200mm
  6. Climbable fence rails on neighbouring fence line
  7. No current pool resuscitation sign secured in a visible location (we can supply one for $20.00)


We are here to help. If you have any queries about your pool compliance, you can email us at - include pictures of any areas of concern and we will contact you to discuss further. Or if you simply have a question about pool safety give us a call on 1300 337 447.

Pool Safety Inspection Photos

pool safety gate pool fence safe spacing
Gates need to be fitted with a device that will return the gate to the closed position and operate the latching device from any position with a stationary start without the application of force.
The distance between the vertical members is greater than 100mm. This can be rectified by installing perspex panels so entry cannot be gained to the pool enclosure.


pool fence safe bottom gap pool safety gate
All gaps under fences must not be greater than 100mm.
The air conditioner is within the non climbable zone. This measurement is presently 900mm arc from the top of the pool fencing.


pool safety non climb zone pool fence safe height
Climbable tree is abutting the pool enclosure & inside the non climbable zone. Removel of tree would be required.
These fence rails require fillets attached to the rear fence rails as the fence height is below the 1800mm allowance


pool fence rail broken pool fence
All fencing must be a minimum of 1200mm and include a continuous non climbable zone. The fence in this photo has footholds that can allow access to the pool enclosure.
A fence panel that needs to be refixed to the post.


We hope this helps you to assess your pool and its surrounds for compliance. Rectify and/or repair any issues you identify to ensure a Pool Safety Compliance Certificate can be issued upon Inspection.

Inspection Cost

  • Pool Inspection Cost: $220.00 inc gst.
  • Pool Safety Compliance Certificate: $40.00 inc gst (Government Certificate & Registration Fee)

Remember if an Inspector finds any defect on the day of Inspection you will need to pay for a re - inspection (from $110.00).

When you need a Pool Safety Inspection carried out, call us on 1300 337 447 or use the form above to book an appointment online and one of our friendly staff will look after you.