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Spa & Portable Pool Safety Regulations

Portable pools are great fun for kids in the summer heat. Spas are also a great way for "bigger kids" to unwind from a busy day. Unfortunately they also present a danger to little ones who can't swim.

Criteria for spas & portable pools

As of 1 December 2010 all spas and portable pools require a safety barrier if they meet just 1 of these criteria:

  1. Deeper than 30cm
  2. Have a filtration system or
  3. Hold at least 2000 litres of water

A locked cover over your spa does not constitute a pool safety barrier.

Spa safety barrier

An appropriate safety barrier for a spa or portable pool should be:

  • 1200mm in height from top to bottom
  • Clear of vegetation that a child could use to climb over the barrier
  • Gates should have sound hinges and be of solid construction
  • Any climable objects should be no closer than 90cm or if closer should be shielded so they can't be climbed
  • If the barrier area has windows on any side those windows should have permanent security screens installed

If your portable pool or spa fits the above criteria then you will require a pool safety inspection & pool safety certificate.


You do not have to fence or register your portable pool if it meets all 3 of these criteria:

  1. Less than 30cm deep
  2. Holds less than 2000 litres of water
  3. Has no filtration system

If you're unsure if your pool or safety barrier complies with the law you should contact us today.